West Technologies Biz Card | client: west technologies
We created this for West Technologies using custom made phography, flash technology and an exclusive design.
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Euroterm | client: euroterm
A local industrial manufacturer who wanted a digital catalogue for their products. The results was very apreciated by Euroterm and their clients. The catalogue contains pictures and detalied info of products so the clients can easily find what they looking for.
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Next Step Biz Card | client: nxstp
The first Biz Card of our company, renamed later Deep Vision. We choosed to change this name because we redesigned the business and we gained more marketing/design experience. Deep Vision provides now clients with high-tec solution for online business and professional design.
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Capa Multimedia Cd | client: capa romania
In 2001 this project was a chalenge for us being the first Multimedia CD project. The client needed a presentation of thecompany and a presentation of romanian culture, to be distributed in Sua, Canada and Europe. We created this multimedia presentation that was wery apreciated and exceded expectations. So this was our ticket to designers elite.
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